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Darshan - Swami Dev Darshan

–Ilia Trubatchev  (Yekaterinburg)

A master of yoga, has been practicing over 10 years, teaching for 9 years. Has the experience of teaching abroad. Taught yoga in Ashram OSHO Tapoban, the Kingdom of NEPAL.The President of the Yoga Federation of the Urals. Certified trainer (SibSUPCandS №104), Reiki Master, Sannyasin.
Is the founder and the head of the Center of the Eastern Practices “MEDITE”. Conducts meditation groups, transferring both his personal experience and the experience received from different Masters in the process of studies or direct initiation into meditation practices.

For the past three years has conducted more than 100 meditation camps in Russia and Ukraine, has developed and is conducting 14 author`s trainings related to deep inner transformation...

A representative of «The School of Rational Yoga» by Lev Teternikov in the city of Yekaterinburg.

Direct initiation into practices and the license for conducting meditation groups and transferring shaktipat have been received from his teacher, the founder of ashram OSHO Tapoban, the enlightened master: Bodhisattva Swami Anand Arun, an acharya.

Darshan is not for the first time in our city. At his previous three visits he was coming with training “Tantra. Dissolution in love”. Very positive results and participants` requests prompted us to invite Darshan once again, but now with training «Diving into Childhood».


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