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Individual classes

This kind of practice is interesting for those who don`t like to exercise in a group or can`t practice in a group because of their health state. A complex of exercises for an individual class is made by an instructor specially for you, considering all the peculiarities of your body and organism. The regular duration of a class is 1 hour, but sometimes it takes more time, if it is required by the student`s level.

The first class will, most likely, be introductory. But not only the instructor will get acquainted with you, you will get acquainted with your own body. Then there`ll be a series of classes with a complex of exercises selected specially for you, which can lead you to very good results, from the point of your health as well as from the point of understanding some reasons of diseases.

Individual complexes

If you prefer to practice alone or the state of your health doesn`t let you to train in a group, but the Individual classes offer is too expensive for you, then the best kind of practice for you is independent practice at home! Individual complexes are a very economical way out. But, of course, you need an experienced teacher.

Then we recommend you to do the following:

  • formulate clearly the goal of your practice for yourself
  • if you have some disease, prepare a doctor`s conclusion decision on it
  • choose an instructor responsibly (practice experience, teaching experience and so on)
  • ask the instructor for details, how competent he/she is in the issues and problems that you are worried about
  • clear out, what is necessary to prepare for a class and how you should get prepared
  • call the chosen instructor and ask him/her to make an individual complex of exercises for you, which with correct and regular practice will help you to solve your problems.

First, of course, a teacher will recommend you to take one Individual class to get acquainted with you and the peculiarities of your organism. As a rule, one class is enough to make the first Individual complex for a month. Then you practice this complex regularly on your own at home, and then you again buy one Individual class from the same (it is advisable) instructor to verify the correctness of your practice and to define the current results. After that, the teacher can correct your complex or recommend to carry on your practice in the same form, with the correction of some mistakes. In such a way there goes your learning, maybe it is a bit extended, but very effective from the point of personal independent practice as an instrument for your health, for the whole life!

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