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Doctor Zharovskiy

Zharovskiy, Mikhail Vladimirovitch

Nizhniy Novgorod, Saint-Petersburg 

Specialist in:

- Osteopathy

Graduated the State educational institute of higher professional education "Nizhny Novgorod State medicine Academy of the Federal Agency of healthcare and social development " in 2006, specialized in medical business.

In 2006 - 2007 had an internship by the specialty of neurology on the base of MMPI "City clinical hospital №39".

From 2007-2010 a neurologist, MMPI "City clinical hospital №39". Rehabilitates people after strokes and other paralysis.

From 2002-2005 a masseur, Sports and fitness complex “The Dolphin”.

From 2008-2009 a specialist in SPA procedures, beauty shop “SPA-LOREN”.

In 2005 finishedNEI "The school of training instructors of corrective and rehabilitative gymnastics" in Naberezhnye Tchelny, by the specialty of an instructor of corrective and rehabilitative gymnastics, therapeutic massage.

From 2006 has been practicing Thai yoga massage, Chinese point and meredional massage, charkas stone massage, balneological procedures, acupuncture.

From 2007 massage with the elements of osteopathic techniques. A graduate of the Institute of Osteopathic Medicine, Saint-Petersburg.

Is a member of the United national register of osteopaths.

Works with patients over 12 years old. Has wide experience of work in the sphere of rehabilitation medicine.

“The organism is the whole unity. The unity of the mind, body and spirit. The organism possesses self-regulation mechanisms, innate capacity for protection, repair and remodeling. Structure and function are interconnected. Osteopathy is rational therapy, based on the understanding of these principles”.

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