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Comments on seminar"Leading into Love"

Наталья Я. г.Н.Новгород

For me the training was marvelous!!! There gathered an excellent group and I was pleased to be with the girls… We were chatting, laughing, walking… And so the classes were light and funny, but I`ve learnt very much new and unusual for me… Maria, thank you!! It was great!!))))))))

Natalia Ya. N. Novgorod

Елена К. г.Н.Новгород

OOOOOOOOOh!!!!!!!!!!!! I have no words......... form the beauty, love, kindness, warmth.....and of course from the whole truck of knowledge received at the training))))))))) so naturally, really from the heart all the practices were))) now I`m not going but flying)))) THANKS a lot to Masha, Ilona, Yulya, Viktor and all the girls who was near))))))) these were unforgettable feelings!!!!!

Dear Masha! Thank you for the huge love, light, kindness and warmth that have appeared in me after the training! Thank you for the confessions, attention and awareness! Thanks to me for hearing and accepting you! Thanks to the people around who shared their love! Thank you for everything! I love you!

Special thanks to Viktor for the fabulous massage! It was grand!I`ll recommend it to everyone! The body in a state of weightlessness – it was unforgettable!

Elena K. N. Novgorod

Марина В. г.Н.Новгород

The program turned out to be unexpected for me. Much new and interesting. Interesting discoveries and of course the sea of communication and positive. I expected to find new methods in the sphere of a female attitude, to use them in healing and perceiving my organism. My expectations came true at full and even more!

Special thanks I`d like to say to Viktor for his massage. The feelings were indescribable. Everything was perfect!

Much thanks to Maria! She did a huge job considering organization and practices. The grade is the highest! Health, success in all your startups and good luck!

Marina V. N. Novgorod


A necessary program for every woman! Especially for those who are not indifferent to themselves and their perfection. Fine, kind atmosphere – there reigned love and understanding. Marvelous organization of both studies and facilities! Many thanks to all! I wish to all health, love, success in the realization of your plans, hopes, dreams!

Olga P. N. Novgorod

Thank you! Now I let childbirth into my life! Now I know how I can prepare for it – no place for worries!

Yulya T. N. Novgorod


I liked training “Leading into love”!I think that the goals and intentions I had have been realized! I had a desire to get acquainted with new practices, and that happened at the training. There were many new and useful practices. Including Taoist female practices. Of course, I`d like to deal in more detail on the issues of anatomy and physiology of these practices. I think, for me the training has become, so to say, a starting point for more detailed and deeper studying of Taoist female practices. There is a direction. I can`t say about the practical value in full yet. Time and practice will put everything in its place. Also I liked very much the practice with fire and, of course, the relaxation to the sound of bowls (Nada yoga). It is just SUPER! I feel pity that I had no possibility to have the massage with Tibetan singing bowls, but I have the intention for the future. I think, it was not my last participation in Maria`s trainings.

Upon the whole, at the training I had a great rest and relaxation for my body and my mind. I`d like also to mark high professionalism of the presenters. Maria, thank you. Maria is a bright, nice and open person. And, of course, a divine woman.

Also, thanks to Ilona, Yulia, Viktor (the bowls were unforgettable), and, of course, all the participants of this training. It was great!!!

I wish to all the guys further discoveries and fulfillments. Professional development. Health and family happiness! And, of course, to every participant of the training – her personal happiness, harmony in the soul and love! A state of goodness inside!!!

Tatiana K. N. Novgorod

Марина А. г.Казань

Excellent organization, food, bath, trainer. Fabulous people, atmosphere, wonderful practices, unexpected for me! There is so much in Lakshmi (Maria)! She is many-sided! A Woman with a capital letter W. Thank you that you are – I keep repeating it!

Viktor`s massage is very unusual. Especially I liked the mantra he was reading putting his hands to the head. And the next day something left me, as if there had been given a push by that massage. There turned out to be so many painful points on my body. Thank you for the ritual!

Marina A. Kazan


First time at the training.I liked it very much. The atmosphere of light, love, warmth and comfort. It was comfortable, easy, joyful and interesting. There was a feeling that everything had been thought-out and the feeling of professionalism. The main thing is pleasant and bright people. And it is great that the programme contains massage. I wanted new feelings, intensive work, and development. I needed a push to start something new in life, to go to a different level of consciousness, energy, and state. My expectations came true!

Yulia G. N. Novgorod

Each moment of those marvelous 4 days was incredibly informative! Even when we didn`t study but just talked to each other. Imagine the classes! Lakshmi, thank you very much: thanks to you some of my fears blew over and I started in a new way to regard the processes in my body. The most intimate information was given very beautifully and naturally. And the trainers and the group were fabulous...........

Now the time has passed after the training and some things have become so visible, that I`m surprised that I haven`t noticed them before! Lakshmi, thank you once again for the changes that are happening in my life, thanks to your classes!

Irina Tonn N. Novgorod

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