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Comments on seminar "The embodiment of Lakshmi"

The program is splendid. Much new and interesting information. The lesson is structured in a very interesting way. There is an opportunity to get both theoretical and practical knowledge. To receive skills, fix and start using (practicing) them on my own. Maria`s positive is enchanting!!! My aims at the seminar were to know my body and to  learnhow to feel it, to learn how to build harmonious relationships with a man, and to find my inner woman. Many of the exercises I can implement in my personal practice right now. Thank you!

Galina Kalyakina,
N. Novgorod

A new step to myself, inside myself. It is interesting and useful to study in a group – absolutely different feelings. Useful information about the life cycles and rhythms of a woman. After the seminar the flexibility of my body has become better, many yoga exercises have become much easier. My breath has become deeper, and blood pressure has got closer to the norm (it was low). I have much fewer emotional bursts.

Svetlana Rachkova,
N. Novgorod

All the classes that I visited were as a breath of fresh air for me! I feel lightness and satisfaction from yoga and from myself. I understand how important is to practice not only for the body, but also for the soul. To feel a woman (in the broad sense of the word), as a blessed creature at most – that is the most important that has happened after these classes. Visiting “The embodiment of Lakshmi” I received a great experience!

Alena Melnik,
N. Novgorod

I liked it, remembered and want to go on! I received only positive emotions, and got interested in self-development many times more! All the practices are applicable!

Yevgenia Tyunyaeva,
N. Novgorod

I liked it very much! Maria is a very professional presenter and just a good person. The practices are really effective and give good results. For example, weight regulation. Almost everything can be applied right now.

Olga Pivikova,

N. Novgorod

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