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Comments on seminar "Female power and health"

The seminar was beyond my expectations. From the first day I started feeling my body (some of ots parts). During those 4 days the material was being delivered graduallyand subtly, everything was explained comprehensibly. If something wasn`t clear, the presenter was explaining till the full understanding. As the result of the seminar, I`ve got valuable information and, when possible, will recommend those classes for visiting. When I was going to the seminar, I wanted to learn how to increase the quantity of energy and save it to be healthy. My expectations came true and even more.

Nadezhda Krasilnikova,
N. Novgorod

Thanks a lot! For the disposition! Very much new – information, feelings. Very comprehensible information – everything is clear. This seminar helped me to feel my body and breath.

Natalia Selezneva,

The seminar is very thorough, detailed, energerically powerful and effective. Effects and success were felt after the first day. Much useful and really necessary, desired information. I expected to get answers on the questions about female health and woman`s self-realization, and also to perceive actual Taoist practices. My expectations came true 100%! 

The practice – I have been doing everything according to the program fom the first day after the seminar, and I`m very glad with myself. By the way, the practice with an hourly reminder gave me a very interesting result – I started being told that I`m a woman even by my lashes, the tip of my nose, my heels, hair, fingers, liver… I ask and something responds, and the understanding has come that absolutely everything in me says that I am a woman, and also there`s appeared a general sense of softness. It is pleasant! Thank you very much!!!!

Tamara Moskalenko,
N. Novgorod


I liked the program a lot, learned much new and interesting about my organism. The information was given very clearly and as simple as possible for understanding. Maria asked all the questions very well and clearly, tactfully corrected during the practice and supported  vital mood. A wonderful and kind teacher. I wanted to understand myself and my body more, to learn how to to recover my health. My expectations came true 100%! Already during the seminar I noticed positive changes, I`m planning to apply the techniques daily.

Elena Novikova,
N. Novgorod

I visited the seminar for the second time. A unique program! Education on how to correctly operate a female organism. With all the details and peculiarities. My aim was to learn correctly and properly operate my darling organism. My expectations came true!

Natalia Selezneva,

During the seminar I understood that I hadn`t known anything about myself. A good opportunity to perceive how precious and dear is what I have. But I want more now. I was waiting that someone clever would come and teach everything, and correct all. And finally everything would go fine. But now it is absolutely clear that I`ll have to do everything on my own. I want to do everything according to the plan and I`ll do it!

Yulia Timofeyeva,

I expected to receive new knowledge about my body and new skills of perfecting my sexual life. The result exceeded all my expectations! The main thing that I can apply right now is the skill of relaxation. Thank you!

Anna Nikitina,


Maria! Thank you very much from my soul! For very necessary information and useful practice. I promise to practice regularly! Already during the seminar I started to feel better. I understood that I had been under strain for long.

Anastasia Tikhonova,

Knowledge is power! Especially, when you get knowledge about yourself, your nature, and your organism. So I`m absolutely sure that afer the seminar I`ve got more powerful!!! My aim was to learn to listen to and hear myself, find a balance between psychic and physical states. All the practical lessons can be applied right at the moment, and the theory is the gift that`ll stay with me.

Alina Dydykina,

The program is just astonishing! Only useful things for your life and health! I`ve got more than expected, and I can implement everything in practice. Thank you!

Oksana Kiryushkina,


Many thanks to Maria for the precious knowledge and a lot of practices. Everything in the program is well-structured, it is easy to perceive and remember. Everything was useful and valuable. Thank you!

Yulia Zhuravleva,


Thanks a lot for the training! I had taken trainings on wombuilding before, and had met a lot of contradictions. At this training everything was sorted out. For the 4 days of classes I got the result which I had been working on for half a year at the wombuilding and hadn`t got the answer how to do it. It is surprising that all genial is simple if you are given proper information. A very valuable training!

Yulia Afanasieva,

Снадкина Ольга

I am very grateful to Maria for the training. It was:

  • Interesting
  • Informative
    • Full of energy
    • Useful

The information on Taoist practices is given very excessively and comprehensibly. The topic of sex, pregnancy and childbirth is developed.

Olga Snadkina,

Головачева Марина

I`ve learned much about tne energy management, the methods of its saving, about female physiology and how to work with emotional states. I`ve received more new knowledge than expected, great! Right now I can implement much of what was given in practice.

Marina Golovatcheva,

Maria explains the material very comprehensibly and clearly, answers all the questions. There is an individual approach to each member of the group. For the 4 days of the program I really felt the changes for the better in myself, and it was noticed by people around me. Attention, sympathy and charisma of Maria don`t leave me indifferent. Thank you very much! 

Yekaterina Kornilova,


The material is given excellently. Everything is structured and based. These are valuable practices for a woman to open her power and to learn how to manage it. Harmony, emotional balance and love to yourself are what you`ll get thanks to these practices. I recommend.

Yulia Turanina,


A grand rich program dedicated to the Woman. Emotionally, beautifully, based, funny. The exertion is moderate and pleasant. Mild control over the correctness of fulfillment, attention and care. Relaxation deepens the state. The system in the studiesis evident. Much new knowledge which has become mine, because there has been only experience and now I can say for sure “I know that it is so!” And perfect gestures! Thank you, Masha!

N. Novgorod

Ольга Бледнова

All the information is given in an interesting and comprehensible format. All is clear and comfortable. Much new and interesting. It is important that we tried and memorized all. Pleasant relaxation and trust in the body. Practical knowledge in Female practices.

Olga Blednova,

Оксана Талова

This program has given me one more chance to find myself, to improve and balance my inner world. To get well with myself and people around. I`ve discovered much new and interesting that will be useful for my health as well as for communication. Thank you!

Oksana Talova,
N. Novgorod


The program is run through by positive energy, kindness and concern about each participant. Bright examples help to switch imagination on. Huge desire to learn something else. I`m sure that this practice is a must for every woman!

Alexandra Shvetsova,
N. Novgorod


I`d like to say many thanks to Maria for her seminar. From the first day of the seminar I noticed big changes in myself and my attitude. Thank you for the good delivering of a unique material, for the interesting cover of the topic. I will be glad to take part in the seminar and practices again.

Ella Kruglova,

Елина Ешина

An interesting program.Much useful information.I`m sure that it`ll be useful in my life and I`ll be able to apply the received knowledge and power for my intentions.I liked the techniques very much, they are pleasant. Thank you!

Elina Yeshina,

Людмила Крышнева

I`m very glad that I got to the seminar. Many impressions, much new and unexpected!!! Has learned about my body. Thank you very much for coming to our town and bringing these practices!!! My basic aim was to find the ways to improve my health, to learn to love myself and my body, and to get more pleasure from life. The knowledhe has been received, now it is important to go on practicing and change my life for the better.

Lyudmila Kryshneva,

Елена Подрезова

Maria! Thanks a lot! Everything was very useful and interesting. It would be good if this program were a must for every girl and woman, escpecially for those who are going to become a mom. I hope to improve my health with thepractices, and now it depends on me.

Elena Podrezova,

Торопова Анна

I`d like to thank you for conducting these practices. Some of the issues, covered at the seminar, have become a discovery!!! Of course, I want the continuation and development. Thank you!!!

Anna A. Toropova,


I`ve been observing my body and its reactions not a year, and I`ve already regulated the skills of communication with my body, but at the seminar I`ve learned that they can be more efficient and less  energy-consuming. It is enough to ask your body about something, and it responds with gratefulness and pleasure. Thank you, Masha, for your artistry!

Elena Izvolskaya,
N. Novgorod


Thank you, I liked everything!

  1. A very interesting, wise and powerful instructor (Maaria V.).
  2. The exercises, form which you feel a positive effect and the streams of energy.
  3. Creating a very good atmosphere in the group during the seminar.
  4. Support and answers to the questions of each participant.
  5. Sencerity and attention to the group + hard work.

I`ve learned – I`m practicing and will be practicing!

Inna Sumina,
N. Novgorod


I liked that these are definite techniques which can be practiced independently at home. I liked the system of practices, they are comprehensible and clear for me. Maria is a good psychologist. I`m glad with what I`ve received.

Galina Zakonnova,
N. Novgorod

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