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Comments on the expedition to Tibet

Елена Богомолова, г.Москва

At the end of 2010 my husband and me had a thought that it was high time to do Kora around Kailash in Tibet.

When time comes, the best people appear. At the period of getting ready for the travel we considered several variants of the trip and several guides.

All of them were telling us about the program and how to prepare, the best variant of programs, services and prices. We chose Maria from N. Novgorod and are very glad about it!

From the very first meeting Maria enveloped us with her care, warmth, and the knowledge of what and when to do. During all the trip we were feeling comfortable and saw that all the best that this magical country could offer us, was in our disposal. The travel was tremendous by the impressions and the inner work, it was physically difficult for me sometimes and I got real help, for which thanks a lot to Maria, Dava (our Tibetan guide), Doctor, all the group and, of course, to my husband Vitaly.

We all go the way of development, a trip to Tibet helps it a lot, much perception comes, there appear “bad things” hidden deep inside yourself))))) and now it is more evident what we should work on :).

Our trip took place in September 2011, and the photos of this stunning travel are available in the album about Tibet.

... and one more thing – How your trip will go on directly depends on your karma, of course :) but also your guide will play the most important role. Choose the best one!

And have a nice trip!

Much joy, Elena Bogomolova, Moscow

When three men who have a possibility to go where a finger gets on a spinning globe choose Tibet… And not just Tibet, but Kora around Kailash… and not only Outer Kora, but also the Inner One… It means, they SHOULD BE THERE.

Each of them has his own reasons, but each is warned that he is doing it at his own risk. Fear to learn about yourself something that you never knew. And the risk that in case of danger it is impossible to get help from anyone but people near you. Who are also new here. And I don`t know what is more dangerous and scary on this way. And uncertainty on the journey, as a rule, scares most of all. Especially it will be a pity, if having passed this difficult path you won`t be able to Understand what you`ll see “There” and what you`ll feel “At the time”. At such moments Everybody needs someone who with sympathy and love helps to understand not only how to live in the surrounding reality, but to understand what is happening with a person inside. 

We need the Guide for that. 

But it shouldn`t be just a Guide talking about sightseeings, able to organize at least something like European comfort and meals in the terrible Nepalese-Chinese-Tibetan reality, able to solve smaller life details on his/her own, or to find and organize others to do it, and able to deal with any organizational issues at any level for the good of those who have trusted him/her their destinies for these several days.

He/she should be the Friend. The Friend who is ready with patience and understanding to act towards “how” and “in what state” you live through This Ordeal. Ready, if necessary, to endure not only you but also your “cockroaches” in your head which everyone has plenty of.

We were lucky. We had such a Guide. It was Maria Vybornova. In every country she had faithful assistants. If not her, out trip would be absolutely different. And we were clearly convinced in that at the examples of other touristic groups and of how, with whom and in what conditions they were traveling.

Thank you. Alexander Gurylev, Moscow. The member of the expedition in April 2011.

A trip to Tibet is a very exciting and at the same time rather hard activity. Difficulties can be objective (related to weather, the actions of the authorities and so on), as well as subjective (bad organization, controversies in the group and so on). In our case, the trip could have been extremely difficult, but thanks to good organization of all the parts and wonderful guides, both from “Kangri” and the Tibetan side, everything was smooth and the difficulties were not noticeable, and we have only unspeakable impressions from the beauty of Tibet and from the beneficial energy. Thanks to Kangri Academy!

Being involved in the sphere of services and events organization, I know that the basic feature of a good guide is when all the group members believe that everything works as a Swiss watch without any visible efforts from the organizers` side, although in reality huge work is being done “off-screen”. Maria managed to do it above excellent. Our expedition wasn`t the easiest one, and I am sincerely glad that we had such a guide. In addition to that, Maria has an amazing ability to be very friendly and, nevertheless, to keep discipline in the group when necessary. Of course, everything can`t be 100% perfect and in our group there were some difficulties.. But the general impression from the trip and the guide is only positive. Thanks a lot to Maria for her work!

Konstantin, Kiev. The member of the expedition in April 2012.

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