«I`d like everyone in the world lived easier and happier!»
Maria Vybornova


Yulia Peregudova

Nizhny Novgorod

Specialist in:

  • Work with generic lines
  • Practices on interaction with the elements
  • Singing bowls
  • Art therapy

Work with generic lines

We live from day to day, automatically do the same things. And get surprised: why nothing changes – we are moving in the circle, stepping on the same rake. And the answer is often in that we are under the influence of definite lines which were laid in us in our childhood, or generic programs. We are so much prone to them that don`t assume that it can be different… We don`t see them, don`t notice their influence on us. When developmental work starts, there appear cause-consequence. 

A person tells the history of his/her family and by the way in which he/she is telling it is seen which moments fail in his/her life, which thought is the obstacle for happy and harmonious life.

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