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Yoga in the puerperal period


These classes are aimed at the recovery of a female organism after childbirth. Usually this period extends to 3 months after this extraordinary moment in a woman`s life. You can start practice in 10-12 days after giving birth to a baby, if there aren`t any contraindications.

Regular classes under the supervision of an experienced instructor and at home on your own let you reach the following results:

  • to rehabilitate and improve your health in general (in particular: to prevent the breast disease, to renew the muscular tone, and also it is possible: to stabilize the cycle, to decrease the risk of mastopathy, to make a step to the solving the problem with overweight, to stabilize your emotional state, to increase  lactation);
  • to increase your physical, emotional and energetic tone;
  • to make conditions for increasing the quantity of breast milk;
  • to see the possibilities of renewing thefull sexual life in a reasonably short period of time;
  • to return (give) your muscles and skin elasticity and beauty.
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