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The Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang: Tibetan singing bowls + Yoga

Esoteric expedition "Mystical journey into the Forbidden Kingdom of Mustang with Doctor and Milarepa" in June 2015.

Difficulty: Intermediate: walking up to 6 hours on trekking days \ transfers by jeep up to 6 hours on transfer days. Maximum altitude is 3800 m (City of Lo Manthang);

Duration: 17 days total, 12 days trekking

Tour package price: from $ 1,950 USD per person (see conditions below);
Deadline for joining the party and advance payment – 1st May;

Max. persons in the group – 15 (now 12 available).


“The Forbidden Kingdon” of Upper Mustang – now a district of Republic of Nepal – was really forbidden and effectively closed for any foreign visitors until the year 1992.



Even now a trip to the Upper Mustang (or, as locals put it, “The Kingdom of Lo”) - is an adventure that is available and affordable for not just everybody. But it is precisely here that spiritual seekers and most ambitious travelers from all over the world claim to have found “an unspiled Tibet” as some put it. The fact is, on this high and secluded mountainous plateau hidden from wars and revolution, social reform and even mostly from modern scientific exploration, that the original Tibetan culture – both religious, mysterious – and everyday – seems to have been somewhat miracously preserved for centuries, up to the present day.


The barren, rigid terrain of Upper Mustang seem unwelcoming, much the save as the land of  Tibet. But still, no visitor leaves this hidden place unchanged, untouched deep inside by its quite, serene and somewhat outlandish beauty. It is here that you will both see most unbelievable landscapes you can find in the Himalayas and meet the most interesting people, i.e. Tibetan lamas and hermits. Also, here in Upper Mustang you will visit some places of Power revered for centuries by knowledgeable people, and blessed by the realized yogis and spiritual Masters of the past. It is here that we will take up our quest for the ultimate Himalayan adventure. It is where you will attend an informative and practical singing bowls healing&HathaYoga seminar, aimed at holistic, all-round spiritual advancement.


The cost of the tour package depends on the number of people in the group (all prices in USD):
Participants: 6-9 - the cost will be $ 2,170;
Participants: 10-12 - cost $ 2,070;
Participants: 12-13 - cost $ 1,950.
Couples and groups of friends will get a discount.


TOUR PACKAGE INCLUDES (in the price above memioned):

  • Transfer from Kathmandu’s "Tribhuvan" international airport to the hotel;
  • Accommodation at a 2* hotel in Kathmandu (twin accommodation in standard non-AC rooms);
  • Sightseing program around Kathmandu (tickets excluded);
  • Kathmandu-Pokhara transfer (by bus);
  • Hotel accommodation in Pokhara (twin non-AC rooms);
  • Transfer to the domestic Pokhara airport;
  • Pokhara-Jomsom flight (to the trek starting point) 30 min;
  • Permit (govt. permission to visit) for Upper Mustang (value $ 650);
  • Permit (govt. permission to visit) for "Annapurna Sanctuary" Nature Reserve;
  • Transfers by jeeps (three trips of about 4-6 hours each) on the track;
  • Accommodation in simple mountain lodges on the track (don’t expect much comfort);
  • Porter service (for transporting the group’s luggage, max. weight per person is 20 kg, more with extra payment);
  • Local Mountain Guide (trained and certified by the Government of Nepal, has more than 15 years trekking and group leading experience);
  • Jomsom-Pokhara flight (30 min);
  • Hotel accommodation in Pokhara (twin non-AC rooms);
  • Pokhara-Kathmandu transfer (by bus);
  • Accommodation at a 2* hotel in Kathmandu (twin non-AC room, 1 night);
  • Transfer to Kathmandu airport to catch your flight home.



* International flight to Kathmandu and back home (normally from $ 800 per person);

* food and drinks, laundry and room service, museum tickets, tips, etc;
* Nepalese tourist visa. – available on arrival at $ 40 per month. (must have 2 passport photos);
* Medical travel insurance – must be brought from home, not available in Nepal;
* Accomodation improvements (single room, AC room where available, superior\deluxe room, accommodation in hotel of a higher comfort category – must be mentioned in advance);
* WiFi and hot showers, where its not included in the room charge (normally the fee is $1 per service);
* Kathmandu-Pokhara and Pokhara-Kathmandu flight. $ 120 per person, 25 minutes;
* transfers and accommodation outside of the fixed seminar schedule (before and after the workshop), additional sightseing if desired;




Detailed Tour program:


Day 1: arrival to Kathmandu city, capital of Nepal (1300 m).
Arrival in Kathmandu, immigration procedure, pick-up luggage, transfer to your hotel by minivan. Check-in at the hotel (fill in arrival card). Visiting Kopan Monastery and practice with Dr. (Victor Oguem). Visiting gompa in Kopan Monastery. Meditation with Milarepa (Alex Sokolowski). Visiting Lama.
If necessary – purchasing of trekking clothed and gear for the upcoming expedition. Dinner and stay at the Tibet Guest House 2*. You can store any additional (not wanted on the trek) luggage in the TibetGuestHouse storage room. Also you can buy Tibetan medicine pills to speed up your high altitude acclimatization.


Day 2: Kathmandu (1300 m) - Pokhara (800 m) transfer. (6 hours by bus)
In the morning – yoga practice, breakfast and transfer to Pokhara city (2nd largest) by bus (5-6 hours), hotel check-in. Lunch. 2 hours free time to walk around Lakeside (world-class scenic tourist area of Pokhara). Visitors can buy souvenirs, buy any missing trekking equipment and also stock up on trekking food – muesly and protein bars, and the like). Obtaining of permits for the Restrickted zone of Upper Mustang. At sunset - we go around the lake on a boat and visit the stupa of Buddha Amitabha overlooking the city. Meditation or singing bowls practice at the stupa. Evening – pack up for the expedition.


Day 3: Pokhara (800 m) - Jomsom (2770 m) - Kagbeni (2800m). (25 minutes flight and 3 hours walk)
Morning - dynamic yogic workout Milarepa, after breakfast - a short flight to Jomsom. This unusual flight runs along one of the deepest gorges in the world - the Kali Gandaki (sacred for Hindus) river valley. In clear weather the flight will allow for an unforgettable view of the Annapurna mountain range, mountains Dhaulagiri (8167 m) and Machapuchare (6998 m). In Jomsom - visit the famous Labyrinth and a local gompa. Lunch. Then track for the Kagbeni village (3-4 hours). Admire the mountains Dhaulagiri, Nilgiri (7016 m) and Tukuche (6920 m). We observe an interesting natural phenomenon – a vey strong wind for which this place was called "Valley of the Wind." (Here some wind-proof clothing is already needed.) Around us - typically alpine, "space-like” landscape, reminiscent of the nature of Tibet, or, as some people put it, of Martian landscape. We stay overnight in a very picturesque alpine village - Kakbeni. A visit to a local monastery ("Island") and gompa. Evening practice of pranayama and meditation.

Day 4. Kagbeni (2800m) - Shanbuche (3800 m). (about 5-6 hours by jeep)
After a morning yoga practice we go by jeeps to the village Shanbuche. Along the way we will see the village of Chu(k) Sang (2950 m), some picturesque mountain caves (uninhabited), the deep gorge of the river bed, some excellent views of the snow-capped mountains above the valley. We will drive through the village Samar (3660 m), see a picturesque monastery - Rangchung Chorten, one of the most sacred places of Upper Mustang (we can practice with  Doctor there). The name Rangchung Chorten  means "spontaneously appeared chorten (or stupa)": true, inside there are 2 stalagmite-Chorten. In these caves there once lived and practiced two of the greatest Buddhist teachers ever: Padmasambhava and Atisha. This place is decorated by some colorful tibetan prayer flags and clay figurines left by pilgrims. (Practice with Doctor). In the evening we reach the village Syangboche (Shanbuche). Here, it’s much colder than it was the previous night. We close the day with a meditation practice.


Day 5. Shanbuche (3800 m) - (via Cheling) to Gami (3520 m) (5-6 hours walk).
Morning yoga. Breakfast. Climb to the pass of La Janda - it starts within 15 minutes after we leave the village. Along the way we meet a remarkable red chorten with 5 images of Buddhist symbol of happiness (practice with Doctor). We walk down into an interesting terraced valley adorned with unusual yellowish trees. The village is dominated by two gompa (monastery) made of red stone (possibly practice with Doctor). Cheling village is noticeably different from all other settlements on the route, with its homes like little fortresses, and put very close to each other, as if people were preparing for defense. The village is located in a pasture of green grass and looks prosperous. Towering over her are bare brown hills; on top – is Nij La Pass that is sharply rising above the river, meandering like a snake between the mountains, similar in shape and color to the giant sand dunes. We turn left to enter yet another valley (wider than the one berofe), and reach the city of Gami (3rd in population in Mustang) with its green fields, towering above the river.


Day 6. Gami (3520 m) - Chorang (3590 m) (4 h. Walk)
Morning yoga. After the hearty breakfast, it is so nice to hike through the beautiful mountain landscape of Mustang. In the afternoon we arrive to the Chorang city (3590 m). (You may visit the gompa, and do some practice at the Chorten with Doctor). Evening practice and meditation with Milarepa.

Day 7. Chorang (3590 m) (about 6 hours walking)
After the morning practice of yoga and a breakfast, we make a side trek into the deeper mountains, to visit the place where the sacred Guru Padmasambhava scrolls are kept for centuries now – the Gard Gumbu place, one of the most sacred in Upper Mustang. Practice with the Doctor. Return to the hotel. Evening meditation with Milarepa.


Day 8. Chorang (3800 m) - Lo Manthang (3800 m) (about 5 hours walk).
We are on our way - we're almost there. Today we reach the capital of Upper Mustang – Lo Mangtang. We find a very desolate and outlandish landscape around us. On the way there are no special sights or gompas. We pass the bridge over the river, meet a Chorten (practice with Doctror), negotiate a pass, and then enter the "gate" between two overhanging cliffs. At the end of the day of determined walking we finally reach the capital of Upper Mustang - "the city within the walls", Lo Manthang (Lomtang)!


Day 9. Lo Manthang (trips and walks in the surrounding places of power and monasteries, practice with Milarepa (in the morning) and Doctor (in the afternoon), also evening meditation).

Day 10. Lo Manthang (trips and walks around the surrounding places of power and monasteries, practice with Milarepa (in the morning) and Doctor (in the afternoon), evening meditation).


Day 11. Lo Mantang- Shanbuche (3520 m). (about 4-5 hours by jeep)
Morning - yoga, then transfer by jeep. Evening practice with Doctor.

Day 12. Shanbuche (3520 m) - Kagbeni (2800m). (about 4-5 hours by jeep)
Morning yoga, then transfer by jeep. Evening practice with Doctor.

Day 13. Kagbeni (2800m) - Jomsom (2770 m). (3 hours walk)
Morning yoga, then - a hike. Evening practice with Doctor.

Day 14. Jomsom - Pokhara (800 m). (20-30 minutes flight)
Early in the morning – 30 minutes Jomsom - Pokhara flight, then breakfast. Free time in Pokhara. Perhaps a visit to the Buddha Amitabha Stupa on the mountain, otherwise - boating, mountain biking, paragliding ect. Evening practice\meditation.


Day 15. Pokhara.
Morning - yoga with Milarepa. Next - a free day in Pokhara. Anyone can have fun trying paragliding (tandem flight), or you can hire a mountain bike and ride around the lake. Evening Tibetan singing bowls practice (final).

Day 16. Pokhara – Kathmandu transfer.
Pokhara - Kathmandu transfer (by bus \ minibus). Also is you choose and option to fly home that same day (in the morning –there is a domestic flight of only 25 minutes, for a $ 120 surcharge) its possible. Otherwise we arrive to KTM in the afternoon and get the best of our comfy accommodation in 2 * TibetGuestHouse. You can now pick up your luggage, go and purchase some souvenirs, or just kick back with a cup of organic Nepali coffee. OPTIONAL: half-day  sightseeing with a local guide around Kathmandu valley. OPTIONAL: Dinner at a nice restaurant completes the tour program: we try some fine ethnic cuisine of Nepal; watch a cultural program; sum up what we’ve done and also do some photo sharing.

Day 17. Transfer to airport for flight home from Kathmandu.

The program is up for some minor changes according to local weather\group members physical ability. 

No refund for your advance payment if you refuse\unablee to participate in the workshop for any reason.
Organizers do not cover losses incurred by the participants as a result of force majeure, including natural disasters and weather conditions that resulted in the cancellation or delay of flights.
The tour participant bear full responsibility for their life, health and property during the workshop and do not under any circumstances, have the right to present material claims to the seminar leaders.
You must respect other participants, group leaders and their decision on the trek, our mountain guide and porters, and also the religion, culture, animals and nature of Nepal.

You take a voluntary commitment not to use any intoxicants during this workshop, because of its spiritual nature and also high altitude conditions.


Workshop Facilitator:
Dr. Tsering Ngodrub (aka Victor Oguy), a renowned expert on the treatment by Tibetan bowls, will hold a seminar for you here to learn how work with singing bowls.

 Tsering Ngodrub:
Master of Tibetan singing bowls, a personal disciple of Lama Pema Rangdrol, Dr Nida Changtsang Tibetan medicine, leader of several research expeditions to Tibet (Kailash Manasarovar, Guge), Ladakh (Leh), the Himalayas (Nepal, Annapurna, Milarepa's Cave) places of Power in Khakassia (natural complex "chests", "Path of the Ancestors", Lake Bele and Tus, Caves: Kushkulakskaya, Pandora's Box), Master of body massage, Healer, Master teacher at the International Festival "The Call of the 13 shamans" in Tuva author of numerous books and textbooks on massage - Tcering Ngodrub (Tsering Ngodrub \ Doktor: Victor Oguy (Daodar.ru))



Milarepa (Alexei Sokolovsky) will hold a program on Hatha yoga and yogic meditation.

Milarepa (Alexei Sokolovsky):
  Instructor of Hatha Yoga with 12 years of practice. Main research areas: Mantra Yoga, Pranayama, Mudra and Bandha, Yoga Nidra.
In the classroom I’m teaching harmoniously built sequences of classical asanas, plus some breathing exercises (pranayama), which purify the body and mind, give strength and inspiration to continue to regularly engage in the practice of yoga! Learning Yoga with me, you will come not only bend and stretch, but more importantly LISTEN to your body. You will FEEL the awareness of even a shallow breath that fills every cell of the body with energy. You will SEE what are the different effects of the power-locks (Bandhas), special yogic gestures (Mudras), and Mantras - ancient natural vibrations of the body. I will not teach you to be more body-consious (that you are already), but how to realise a real expansion of consciousness. In my opinion, a yoga class should not leave the feeling of fatigue and frustration, but to give tou lightness, harmony, ultimately fill you will more Force.


To REGISTER for this tour, please let us know:


Dr. Tsering Ngodrub:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel.: +7 92029 46677


Alexei Sokoloskv (Milarepa):
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype: solar_serfer
Facebook: solar_serfer
Tel: (SMS only): (+ 7)926-253-7-911

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