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Tibetan massage Ku-Nye

Тибетский массаж Ку-НьеTibetan massage Ku-Nye appeared about 3900 years ago on the territory of the ancient state “Zhang-Zhung”and was constantly developing with Tibetan medicine during centuries.

Tibetan massage uses the vast knowledge of Tibetan yoga about subtle anatomy, work with energy, joint yoga massage. A very big role in Tibetan massage is played by oils, on which the massage is done!

What are the specific features of Ku-Nye massage? Tibetan medicine regards a healthy body as a result of a harmonious balance ofsubtle energies, and diseases as the consequence of the damage of this balance. That is why the basic work with a physical body is done at the energetic level. So, in massage Ku-Nye  actually every square santemetre of a body is involved – from the top of the head to the toes` tips.

Who needs Ku-Nye massage? Tibetan massage is exceptionally good both for men and women. Especially Ku-Nye is indispensable for those who work much, spends much time in front of the computer, has a sedentary lifestyle, with stresses, overpstrains, insomnia, anxiety, different neuroses, or for those who has orthopedic abnormalities.

How Ku-Nye massage affects? The basic affect of Ku-Nye is the complex therapeutic influence on the whole organism and relaxation, physical and psychoemotional! The massage balances all the energies of a body, which automatically provides good health and works as general sanitary means. In the assortment of Ku-Nye methods there are different breathing techniques, oil massage, peeling, the yoga massage of joints, an excellent back massage, different techniques of work with muscles, the cosmetic face massage with a pearl shell, the head massage, reflexotherapy, work with energy meridians, stone massage.

The result:Ku-Nye massage helps to save beauty and health, relieves fatigue, strains, stresses and deeply works with the whole body, normalizing absolutely all the systems of an organism. Makes an evident therapeutic and modeling effect for the whole body!

The duration of the procedure is 1.5-2 hrs.

The perfect time for the procedure is morning or evening.

Upon the whole, Tibetan massage can be considered as a unique healing system which allows to recover the energetic balance of human subtle energies, affecting the prime cause of a disease or indisposition.

Recommendations:  As preventive measures, recovery or relaxation, it is recommended to take the course of 6-8 procedures of the general Tibetan massage.

Ku-Nye also goes well with Nada yoga and the traditional method of healing with Tibetan singing bowls. This is the most effective way to get the skill of relaxation without personal efforts. It works at all the levels of human organization, starting with the rough physical one and finishing with the subtlest levels of consciousness. The sounds of Tibetan singing bowls unusually effectively influence on the strain, accumulated in a body and its organs. All together, it makes a necessary effect of beauty, health and youth!

The procedure is performed by Viktor Oguy

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