«I`d like everyone in the world lived easier and happier!»
Maria Vybornova


Lilia Garayeva


Specialist in:

  • Yoga for different levels of training
  • Yoga for women
  • Yoga for children
  • Yoga for the pregnant
  • Yoga in the puerperal period
  • Meditations
  • Guest seminars


A certified instructor of the Yoga Federation of Russia. A member of the Yoga Federation of Russia. Reiki master. Attended seminars on yoga and healing, Taoist female practices, female trainings, classes of dancing therapy.

My way in yoga started with going to the seminar in 2008, which my friend insisted on having seen me absolutely exhausted because of hard, practically 24-hour work of a manager. Inner calmness, better feeling, shine in the eyes – surprisingly I found new myself after a three-week training. I understood that was really important for me and started practicing hatha yoga. Gradually yoga has become prominent and has changed my life absolutely. Trips to various courses and seminars on yoga followed, including India,

“We become the masters of out lives, when we learn how to master irritation and reach the calmness of the mind. For that it is just necessary to hear and feel yourself. Try yoga. Try to feel your body anew. Touch your real “Me” and open the joy of reaching the harmony of your mind and body”.

Lilia Garayeva

Today yoga is one of the most effective systems of harmonization of such a complicated structure as our organism. During classes we train the body, stretching, straining and relaxing muscles. All the organism systems are activated and lead it to the healing on its own. You discover unknown feelings of your body, start looking anew at the things around you and the usual aspects of life. There appears a wish to be in harmony with yourself and the world around.

Especially I`d like to mark the use of yoga for a woman`s organism. I won`t reveal a secret if I say that women are more emotional by their nature. After practicing yoga the feelings of fuss and worries disappear, the organism is recovering and filling with energy.

A woman practicing yoga – and it is very important, I believe – doesn`t need much of cosmetics. Due to regular practice all the systems of her organism are in a harmonious state, an important incentive for natural beauty is made. After all, the beauty in yoga comes from inside.

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