«I`d like everyone in the world lived easier and happier!»
Maria Vybornova


Maria Vybornova

Founder of the Center of Development “Lakshmi”, Nizhny Novgorod

Specialist in:

  • Therapeutic yoga
  • Yoga for women
  • Yoga for children
  • Yoga for the pregnant
  • Yoga in the puerperal period
  • Taoist female practices
  • Meditations
  • Author`s projects
  • Guest seminars
  • Tibet and others

Maria is a certified yoga instructor with teaching experience:

from 2006–yoga for general groups of different levels of training,

from 2008 –female yoga, yoga for the pregnant, yoga in the recovery period after childbirth, kids` yoga,

from 2011–Taoist female practices.

Finished The Institute of Applied Clinical Kinesiology.

Has rich experience in personal yoga practice and meditation, and experience inher own body invigoration. Conducts seminars and master classes at different trainings and festivals, in Russia as well as in the CIS countries. Is a guide in Tibet, every year conducts groups of those who want to dive into the atmosphere of spirituality in the search of a mysterious country of the Enlightened.

Met with yoga and started to study it in Russia, visiting classes of many well-known and unknown Russian practitioners, and also studied and got a certificate in Nepal in Ashram “AROGYA”. Is a student of Anna Vladimirova–the founder of the school of health-improving Qigong “Wu Ming Dao”, Moscow.Has experience in meditation due to Master Tengri Rimpoche - Russia. Got different initiations from Lama Pema Randrol - Nepal.

Started her yoga practice in 2003 by happy coincidence. Trying different kinds of hatha yoga, which had already become widely spreadby that time, defined the most useful kind for herself, the yoga which helped to cure her body and spine from some serious problems. So yoga appeared in her life, the one which Maria Vybornova calls – therapeutic. And now she successfully teaches it in her groups.

Besides, Maria has her personal positive experience in preparing the organism for conceiving a child, pregnancy and childbirth, and in fast and harmonious recovery after it, with the help of the most of the exercises included into the author`s project “The Embodiment of Lakshmi”. Upon the whole, all that invaluable life experience gave impetus to studying yoga specially adapted for women and, of course, Taoist female practices. So, there appeared a series of seminars and classes for women, named “The Embodiment of Lakshmi” and “Specific features of yoga for women”.

Maria was mastering kids` yoga on her own daughter from her very birth, because she had diagnosis “Dysplasia of hip joint”. Starting from massage and simple joint gymnastics and finishing with full exercises from hatha yoga, which are effectively applied in her work with pre-school children in the groups of Kids` yoga at present. As a result of that successful practice the diagnosis was withdrawn, and the common state of the kid was almost always estimated by doctors as “Healthy”. All that happened due not only Maria`s professionalism, but her deep understanding of the system of how organism works in general, from the point of view of Yoga (from the capital letter), where there is not only technique, but a deeper filling.

Now Maria is married, brings up her daughter and keeps traveling in the search of knowledge which can be useful not only in her life but for her family and people who come to her classes and seminars.


          About myself…

“I`d like everybody in the world lived easier and happier!”

Maria Vybornova

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