«I`d like everyone in the world lived easier and happier!»
Maria Vybornova


Comments on seminar "I want to be happy ", Moscow

Екатерина Е. г. Москва

Good day to you all! My name is Katerina, I am one of those who were lucky to visit seminar “I want to be happy”.

I didn`t expect from the seminar the manual how to become happy. I was going to the seminar to understand myself as a woman, feel from inside as a woman should, to LOVE MYSELF!

My expectations came true more than 100%. The practice we had during the seminar really helped to understand what you have inside, meaning not only physics, but the soul and the brain. Everything takes its place. I learned much new about myself, my organism, life in the whole, stopped feeling sorry for myself and started to love.

I could actually implement into practice everything from the seminar the next day.

After the seminar my life became much easier, lighter and more interesting. I`m on the way to the harmony with myself.

I`d like to thank Maria once again!

Hope, such seminars will be held regularly.

Yekaterina Ye. Moscow

Лилия Г. г. Москва

I`ve known Maria for long. And I was sure that the seminar would be fine! And so it was! Maria is a wonderful woman, competent and wise, a real Teacher, therefore the seminar  happenedat one breath, exciting, useful, informative. It seems to me, everybody who meets Maria understands what I mean.))) Communicating with her one feels her female charm and lightness in getting Knowledge. I advise not to think twice about going to Maria`s seminars. They are really of high-quality! Thank you, Masha! You are great!

Lilia G., Moscow

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