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Tibetan massage Ku-Nye - Comments


Тибетский массаж Ку-Нье (кунье, ку нье) - Отзывы

I`d like to express much gratitude to Viktor Oguy for the 1.5 hour rebirth of my body and spirit after a festive event! For me the séance of Tibetan massage Ku-Nye became a big discovery! After the massage I felt great. I was in light prostration…

P.S.: I fell in love with your hands!

Yulia Ryabova, 10.11.2012


Тибетский массаж Ку-Нье (кунье, ку нье) - Отзывы

I`d like to thank an excellent Master of massage Viktor Oguy for the incredible séance of Traditional Tibetan oil massage Ku-Nye!

Tibetan massage Тибетский массаж turns the view of massage as it is! This is a real MAGICAL ritual, having visited which you feel conciliation, peace and, at the same time, fullness with positive energy! Unreal feelings, as during the procedure, as after it!

Thank you, Master!!!

P.S.: The feelings after the massage are good, I was sleeping for 12 hrs and, by the way, there were no negative situations, my energy wasn`t encroached on :)

Maria Bogdanova, 10.11.2012


Тибетский массаж Ку-Нье (кунье, ку нье) - Отзывы

During the procedure of Tibetan massage Ku-Nye I liked the music very much. Having good imagination I really got to “the 7th sky” – unforgettable feelings of the fantasy flight (I saw the sky, a mountain, fresh humid air, a crystal clear pond…)

A very important moment for me is the feeling of trust to the Master. Even I was surprised how professionally Viktor was acting during the ceremony. I trusted him 100%, and that helped me to really relax.

The feelings during foot massage were a bit painful. But I undersood that it was related to my intensive training the day before. I had to be patient a bit! And at the end of the procedure the muscles fully relaxed and I felt great.

Also, a pleasant surprise was peeling with pea flour at the end of the procedure – my skin is velvet like baby`s! 

Actually, after the procedure it is very hard to collect my thoughts, because they have flown from my head and full relaxation has come! 

Frankly, I haven`t had such a rest for long!

Thank you, Viktor!

P.S.: I`d like to add that during some more days after the procedure - Traditional Tibetan oil massage Ku-Nye - my colleagues and me were sharing our impressions, it seemed to be just massage… but so many emotions, thoughts and impressions.

I `m still followed by the question – how? …how is it possible to stop thinking at such extence!? And where were the images coming from to my head?! …will I be able to get there in real life?

Conclusion: I`d like to reiterate it!

Galina Sadkova, 14.11.2012


Тибетский массаж Ку-Нье (кунье, ку нье) - Отзывы

The feelings from Tibetan massage Ku-Nyeare uplifting (!!!) – in the direct meaning of the word! I felt as if I were in the space. The atmosphere during the procedure helps the mind to get free from worries and troubles! And right away there come thoughts about something global. I was very surprised when I watched at my watch – it seemed that the massage was going for maximum 15 minutes, but not as it was – almost 2 hrs!

P.S.: It seems to me, now I know what “nirvana” is ;)

P.P.S. Speaking of dreams… Viktor recommended me to observe my dreams the day after the procedure, he said that in a dream it was possible to get the answer to the question which had been worrying for long… I did what he said and saw the answer. And in my dream I saw a person whose opinion is of high priority for me, and who just answered my question... I`m shocked…

Ksenia Shveyko, 16.11.2012



Тибетский массаж Ку-Нье (кунье, ку нье) - Отзывы

Two days ago I came back from a holiday. I had been to Egypt and had had a great rest. I wanted to come home and share my bright holiday impressions with my friends and relatives. But, alas… The way back: the flight delay, changing trains – knocked me out of a rut and blurred all the best holiday impressions.

And today I managed to get the procedure of Tibetan massage Ku-Nyeby Viktor Oguy. Thanks to his professionalism, really masterly massage technique and his incomparable soft but strong hands – I dived againg into the feelings of holiday and relaxation! I remembered the warmth of the Arabian sun (I almost felt it on my body) and the softness of a sea breeze. During the massage I felt as if I was at the highest point of a mountain, at the foot of which there was a desert, from one side, and from the other side there were high brotherly (???) mountain chains. And my soul and body were fully conciliated and reunited!

Thank you, Viktor, for that small trip to the world of relaxation! It was the brightest holiday impression (excluding the mountain, of course).

I`d recommend my friends and relatives to have such “mini-holiday” to get strength and recover vitality!

Thank you!!!

Olga Shchetinina, 17.11.2012


My personal feelings from the procedure of Tibetan massage Ku-Nye:

- Relieves stress. Well, it is obvious. A fit of physical energy is huge!

- Replaces night sleeping

- During mantra (and it is permanent during all the period of procedure) the body and spirit tune to some healing wave and vibrate with the masseur`s voice, that, for sure, gives a heaing effect.

Now for relieving stress, after sleepless nights and in order to get back to the normal state after hard nervous work I will come for help to you, Viktor.

Thank you!

Irina Koltchenko, 28.10.2012


I liked Tibetan massage very much, it is the best massage I`ve ever had.

And I`ve been having massage from the age of 12, because I have problems with the spine. So I have something to compare with:)

It is hard to explin in words, but it is not just massage, it is a special energy, full relaxation. You feel as if you were in the other dimension. Warm pleasant oil helps to relax very much. I think, this is my variant, this kind of massage suits me best of all. I am very sensitive to masters, and some people doing massage influence my state. Sometimes I just don`t want a person to touch me, sometimes it just looks like a medical procedure. Here everything was different, there was a very light energy, the feeling that the hands belonged not to a human being but to someone Higher Spiritiual (I don`t know how to formulate it). Something like that, I don`t know how I`ve expressed it in words. Hope, it is close to what I feel.

Svetlana S., Moscow, 17.02.2013.



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